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Stranger Things season 3: Rad '80s details you might have missed

από Renato Harding (2019-08-19)

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Sharp QT-50 pastel boombox
Not all boomboxes were the big honking ones derogatorily nicknamed "ghetto blasters." There was also a wonderfully pastel-colored line of Sharp QT-50 round-edged mini boomboxes issued in pastel tones that looked like nothing more than bowls of delicious sorbet. I never was lucky enough to have one, but I recognized them instantly when I saw one pumping out Corey Hart's Never Surrender in Eleven's bedroom. Watch the whole season carefully, the pastel boombox shows up multiple times. They played both cassette tapes and AM/FM radio -- what more could you want? (And admire this Etsy version in pin form.)

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Karen obviously isn't practiced at this feat, as she gives herself away almost instantly. (But once you hear what Mike's lying about, can you blame her?) We '80s kids were pros at the silent hang-up after listening to whatever vital gossip we needed. Telephone extension tag
In one scene, Mike Wheeler's mom, Karen, answers a phone call in the kitchen, then yells that it's for him. That means she can listen to his entire phone call, and if she doesn't cough or sneeze, he'll never know. Mike picks up on another phone extension -- yes, we were able to do that then -- and Karen, in true Spy Mom fashion, doesn't hang up.

Karen's also wearing that thick layered eyeshadow we all loved (I was a pro at the pink-purple-edged-with-blue look) and the chunky bright beads and earrings that were as popular as Madonna. And every second of it is jammed with retro goodness, from the Stray Cats' Rock This Town playing in the background to the New Coke that Karen Wheeler is sipping (carefully, with a straw, iqos fiyatlari to avoid smearing her lipstick). Billy even compliments Karen's two-tone, split-down-the-middle swimsuit, and honestly, I'd wear that today. Watch carefully when the camera pans down Mom Row -- each of the ladies has similar jewelry. Pool-mom fashion
A trailer released back in May delivers a tasty slice of 1980s fashion trends, courtesy of the Hawkins moms who are lusting after Billy as he lifeguards at the local pool.

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